8.04.1 to Intrepid upgrade test

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Fri Jul 4 17:38:09 UTC 2008

Olá Matt e a todos.

On Friday 04 July 2008 17:55:36 Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> = Reboot =

I cant reboot using the GDM icon. I just use the console (reboot, halt, etc)

> = X =
>  * After reboot, I encountered a black screen for perhaps 30 seconds.

Mine doesnt take 30, but a good 6-10 secs.

>  * I attempted to use displayconfig-gtk to fall back to the nv driver, but
>    was stymied because it did not let me use a mode larger than 800x600

I'm using the OpenSource 2D driver. cant get my nvidia 8400m to work

> = Kernel =
>  * At this point, I gave up on 2.6.26 and rebooted back into 2.6.24.

The only kernels I can get to work .24.18, .26.1 and .26.2.
.24.19/20/21 will always give errors on install and remove.

>  * I set about trying to get the old nvidia module working, but ran into
>    problems.  At first, the module wouldn't load because the install rules
>    in /etc/modprobe.d/lrm-video failed, because they tried to invoke
>    /sbin/lrm-video, which disappeared from linux-restricted-modules-common
>    (LP #240942).  Further investigation showed that /sbin/lrm-manager was
>    also missing.

Synaptic doesnt allow me to force an older version. I set it, and it just resets to the current one.

> = Desktop =
>  * NetworkManager (simple wired config)

My Intel ABGN 4965 wont start with any kernel.
On .24.18 I was able to turn off the kill switch doing an echo on it, but that doesnt work with newer kernels.

> -- 
>  - mdz

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