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On Mon, Jan 28, 2008 at 10:38:11PM -0500, Justin Wray wrote:
> Exacly, there are plenty of ways to determine a mime-type, and plenty of other
> ways to open a file in a default application.  But I think everyone is missing
> the point.  I'll break it down, these functionalities are not built into the
> shell and require package X, and setting X, to work, something a "new" user
> may not know about, or better yet even have installed and configured.

Any decent Linux distribution ought to update mailcap automatically when new
programs are installed.  Debian and Ubuntu do.

Further, your argument that people should install metashell seems to be based on
the assumption that installing metashell is easier than installing mime-support.
Is that the case?

> The point of all of my comments is this:  metashell is not a project with a
> goal simply to "open" files.  It is a project with the ideas of creating a
> user-friendly command-line environment.  That uses intuitive commands (or lack
> there of) to complete tasks.  While all at the same time allowing the
> well-versed *nix admins complete complex tasks without hesitating.  I really
> hope after reading this email, everyone better understand the goals of
> metashell, and the diffrence of usings it verses an external application like
> 'see'.

Does metashell currently support features other than opening files based on MIME
type?  If not, it is a "see" competitor trapped in a shell's body, and it thus
makes sense to compare metashell to "see".

Forest Bond
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