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Daniel Hollocher Ubuntu-devel-discuss at
Mon Jan 21 14:16:39 UTC 2008

Hello mailing list,
I had an idea for ubuntu that I thought would be cool.  I managed to start
coding the idea on my own, and have posted the code here:

My question is this: How do I actually incorporate my work into ubuntu?

Its one python script that starts a terminal based upon another input file.
So one problem for me is getting the text input files associated with the
python script.  It seems ubuntu ignores file extensions.

The main point of the question relates to how to actually get it into the
next release of ubuntu, package wise and politically.

If this list is not the right place to ask such questions, please point me
in the right direction.


PS - this email was sent twice.  The first was mistakenly sent with an
unregistered email address.  Hopefully, this one will pass the

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