Hardy Alpha-3 networking

Richard Mancusi vrman49 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 02:40:42 UTC 2008

On Jan 15, 2008 6:43 PM, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> (``-_-ยดยด) -- Fernando wrote:
> > On Monday 14 January 2008 17:14:29 Brian Murray wrote:
> >> You should have to authenticate before modifying the network
> >> configuration.  On my Hardy systems and a daily build of the Live CD,
> >> there is an "Unlock" button and selections remain greyed out until I
> >> unlock the application.  If your system is fully up to date and the
> >> "Unlock" button is not there then you should submit a bug report.  Your
> >> issues regarding changing the network configuration are probably a
> >> direct result of your not being authenticated.
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >
> > I'm up to date, and using the menus, I just get a full grayed window and cant manage my networks options.
> > If I try the old Network Monitor 2.12.1, it just says that the interface (either and both eth0 and eth1)  doesnt exist.
> >
> >
> That sounds like bug 176060. Now that gnome-system-tools uses PolicyKit, you
> need to run it as a normal user, and not through gksu. Could you verify that you
> have network-manager-gnome 0.6.5-0ubuntu11, which fixed this issue, and that
> running 'gksu network-admin' keeps it greyed out, and that running
> 'network-admin' you can unlock it?
> Regards,
> Emilio

Tonight's upgrade included several PolicyKit pkgs and I did verify
that I am running network-manager-gnome 0.6.5-0ubuntu11 and
network-manager 0.6.5-0ubuntu17.

Now clicking on "Unlock" yields a window stating:
"Could not authenticate  An unexpected error has occurred."
This occurs by simply clicking on the "Unlock" button - not given
the chance to enter a password.


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