Hardy+1 Idea: GoboLinux Filesystem Hierarchy?

Sam Tygier samtygier at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 9 18:45:54 UTC 2008

Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> There are two versions of Firefox in Gutsy, and nothing broke from it.

Yes, but i think it takes the packagers some effort to modify the firefox3 package to not interfere with the older version. As far as apt is concerned they are separate programs in separate packages.

> This just reminds me of the FSH on this darned Mac I'm stuck using.  I don't
> like it.  It makes paths longer and more annoying to type (remember, our fs
> is case-sensitive).

as long as $PATH is set in a clever way you don't need to type the full path for an executable. I don't know how gobo handle this, but I assume they do.

sam tygier

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