[PATCH] Update to libaio?

Zach Brown zach.brown at oracle.com
Tue Jan 8 19:23:22 UTC 2008

Sarah Sharp wrote:
> I think the Debian package maintainer should also be involved in this.
> I would love to see preadv and pwritev go into libaio, as they will be useful
> for userspace USB driver developers to interface with usbfs2
> (http://wiki.cs.pdx.edu/usb/usbfs2.html).  I do have a few more issues with the
> libaio-dev package.

*I* would love for people to stop using libaio. It's not a library, in
that it doesn't isolate applications from the system ABI.  It's no more
than a bunch of inline functions.  It was a mistake, in my opinion, but
here we are.

I happen to hate it because it's silly assertion on the ring cookie is
literally the *only* use of the mmaped ring that I know if.  If it
weren't for that, we might stand a chance of getting rid of the ring.

- z

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