ghc6 (Haskell compiler) becoming old

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Tue Jan 8 21:08:48 UTC 2008


Am Montag 07 Januar 2008 16:39:29 schrieb Michael Bienia:
> On 2008-01-06 02:15:18 -0500, Paul Dufresne wrote:
> > One of my new year resolution is to become a not too bad Haskell
> > programmer in 2008.
> > That said, I would like to have latest development version of ghc6
> > (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) which is the most well known Haskell
> > compiler in Haskell community, inside Hardy.
> >
> > Unfortunately, Debian Sid just have the 6.6.1 version (that was
> > released april 26, 2007) and the current version on ghc web site is
> > 6.8.2. (released december 12, 2007).
> Debian unstable has ghc 6.8.2 now (see


> > *Maybe* the reason is that many sub libraries need to be rebuilt with
> > a new compiler,
> > and *maybe* this is a lot of job, I don't know.
> I've also seen some uploads of other haskell packages but didn't pay to
> much attention at the changelog.
> The haskell packages have a very strict dependency on the ghc6 package
> so they need at least be rebuild with the newer ghc6.
> If you are interested to see a newer ghc6 in hardy, a list of packages
> which need to be synced from Debian unstable would be helpful.

At first we'll need hscolour (sync just requested), because ghc6 needs it to 
build (afaict only the documentation needs this, otherwise, we'd be in severe 
bootstrapping trouble :/).

Next step is to merge ghc6 (I'm just trying a local build...).

Finally pretty much every haskell lib needs a rebuild, which it does in debian 
as well, so we can hopefully sync as much as possible. I used to have a list 
some time ago (with dependencies, because some libs need to be rebuilt in 
order), but I seem to have deleted it.

I guess 
	apt-cache rdepends ghc6 
should give at least a rough list of packages to look at.

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