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Daniel Holbach wrote:
> On Mi, 2008-01-02 at 12:02 +0000, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> What would you need in Launchpad to make this wiki listing unnecessary? 
>> Mass tagging <> would let you add a 
>> "thisweek" or similar tag to multiple bugs at once. What else would you 
>> need? 
> Searching for multiple tags ("thisweek" + "bitesize" for example).

You'll be pleased to know this has just been implemented, and should
appear on in a few weeks. <>

>> For example, how do you currently tell which Ubuntu bugs are 
>> Desktop Team bugs and which aren't? 
> I pass a custom Launchpad bug list URL to 'hugdaylist' (in the
> ubuntu-dev-tools) package.

- From reading hugdaylist, it filters the bug list in two ways:

*   It excludes "Fix Released" bugs. Launchpad's advanced search can do
    this already: select all the statuses except for "Fix Released".

*   It excludes bugs that have either ubuntu-main-sponsors or
    ubuntu-universe-sponsors as a subscriber. I've reported a bug for
    making this possible in Launchpad.

> The intention behind this was that small bug list presented during
> events like Hug Days show a manageable amount of work that can be done
> by the group.
> (eg:

Launchpad could do this using a custom batch size -- except that as soon
as a bug was marked Fix Released it would disappear from the list, only
to be replaced by the next. :-)

> Also teams like the Desktop Team make use of the Wiki to manage their
> weekly workload:

I wonder if it would make sense to track those package updates as bug
reports too, so that the people doing them could see them in the same
list as any other bugs assigned to them.

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