Bdd EvolutionLocal in OpenOffice limited

Jovial o.jovial at
Tue Jan 8 15:01:16 UTC 2008


I'm tryng to use data from with openoffice 2.2/2.3 in 
ubuntu 7.04/7.10 give the source EvolutionLocal in OOo with 

In base or base explorer(F4) I can acces to data from my adress book 
But I meet some limitations:
• It is impossible to sort data by columns, the buton sort ascending of 
toolbar data base is inactive.(gray)
• It is impossible to apply a filter
• The result of querry SQL = SELECT "file_as" FROM "Personal" AS 
"Personal" ORDER BY "file_as" ASC is not ordered
• SELECT "file_as" FROM "Personal" AS "Personal" WHERE ( ( "org" IS NOT 
NULL ) ) give no result
All these limitations prevents to use all the possibilitties given by 
OOo . It a pity because a sorted addresbook fully operationnal in OOo 
will be beneficial to Ubuntu.

• Do you consider this as a limitation or a bug ?
• Did you know any solution ?
• Can we expect evolutions in the futur ?



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