Easy "Add/Remove Porgrams" for non-sudoers with local PREFIX?

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Sat Jan 5 13:59:39 UTC 2008

Kevin Fries a écrit :
> <snip>
> Modern Nix based systems have a wonderful tool called SUDO that makes
> getting around this issue extremely easy.  If you want someone to be
> able to admin your box, add them to the admin group on any Ubuntu based
> system.  Then they have sudo access to any root command.  If you want to
> allow non-root users to be able to install software, that is easy also:
>   - Create a group call swinstall
>   - In your /etc/sudoers file add the following line:
>       %swinstall ALL = /usr/bin/update-manager
>   - Add any user you wish to have software install access to the
>     swinstall group.
> Hope this helps
I should add that in Hardy we should have an even nicer system called
PolicyKit that will allow you to set many fine-tuned permissions, like
"user x is allowed to install packages from the standard repositories,
but not to uninstall any package and not do administrate anything else",
etc. So this will be nice to avoid the ugly (from my point of view)
hacks to install packages in ~. Our current way of managing packages is
very robust and much more secure, if we don't want to end up like Windows.


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