Deprecating slocate for desktop users?

Milan nalimilan at
Sat Jan 5 13:46:21 UTC 2008

Jan Claeyswrote:
> Op vrijdag 04-01-2008 om 04:33 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Bryan
> Quigley:
>> Is there any possibility of have locate use the tracker database?
> Tracker databases are currently per-user, so I don't think that would be
> useful.
> Maybe if there ever exists a concept of a system database next to the
> user database in Tracker...?
The problem is, Tracker only indexes home folders, not the whole
filesystem. And Tracker uses a complex indexing with keywords that is
not needed for locate. Merging the per-user databases would be a mess,
so forget it...

By the way, exluding home directories from the updatedb path could be
nice: we don't need to index user folders because Tracker is doing that,
and this would avoid much work for updatedb.

Still, rlocate seems to be a nice improvement (combined or not with the
latter feature): it's a locate implementation that uses a kernel module
to store a list of modified/moved files and folders, and once a day (or
when you want) this list is read and the database is updated via a diff.
Looks more advanced than mlocate, isn't it?

Just a few ideas

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