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> On Tue, 2008-01-01 at 14:07 -0500, Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> > I still wouldn't call Gutsy the most unstable release I've used
> > though.  That was Dapper, simply by virtue of being released right
> > around the same time my laptop was made.  It didn't have time to get
> > proper hardware support for it.  It would still be completely unusable
> > for me, a year and a half later (when there has been plenty of time),
> > because there are no hardware updates available for it, short of
> > compiling a vanilla kernel (and what "normal user" is going to do
> > that?).  We have LRM for adding support for restricted hardware.
> > Couldn't there be a LUM (linux-updated-modules) compiled for LTS to
> > add support for newer hardware?
> Actually I'm still on dapper as every release since has had major issues
> on my hardware. Edgy hated my zd1211 wifi chipset as it included the
> zd1211rw driver which sucks/-ed. Feisty was no better and included the
> hated network manager by default which kept breaking stuff and I
> couldn't work out how to remove. Gutsy kept locking up and then
> evolution crashed, will no longer start and then impounded some email
> (clearly some of it was still running..)
> I hope Hardy will be stable, even if it involves a delay like with
> Dapper. I'd love to be able to upgrade..
> Caroline

The mailing list for either NM or zd (forget which) says that the zd in
Feisty works with NM.  And I love NetworkManager.  NetworkManager's the only
way I could get WPA support in Dapper.  That stupid thing in System > Admin
> Networking only does WEP.  NetworkManager worked perfectly, so I've used
it since Dapper without any issues.  Removing network manager is just a
matter of removing network-manager-gnome.  Gutsy locked up for me from the
OOo bug, but it doesn't seem to now.

I have no idea about evolution crashing.  I think mail clients in general
are stupid (why would I want to lock my email to one computer?  IMAP gets
rid of that problem I guess, but no client beats GMail's UI), and ones that
force you to run the calendar, mail client, and address book always, even
more so.  I'm told that KDE lets you run *just* KAddressBook or *just* KMail
or *just* whatever their calendar is, but they all share a db and work
together, the way OSX's works.  That's very nice.  Evolution forces you to
use all or nothing.  Yuck.  All I wanted was the calendar, but I had to give
it fake email info to get to the calendar features.  I'd really like to see
a modular system like that be the default in Ubuntu.  I'm using Sunbird and
KAddressBook now.  I've set up Thunderbird + Lightning for a friend, and
that can get you the monolithic feeling if it's what you really want.  The
downside with using Mozilla apps is that Lightning & Sunbird don't share
data, so you're back to not being able to use Sunbird standalone and then
have the appointments be there when you check your schedule from Thunderbird
you don't see it in Lightning.

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