Deprecating slocate for desktop users?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Thu Jan 3 13:14:52 UTC 2008

Chris Jones kirjoitti:
> Speaking for myself, I regularly use slocate to find things that are
> outside my home directory (not that I use tracker for things that are in
> my home directory - I put them where they are, so I know where they are ;)

I also use slocate sometimes, and I don't use tracker myself at the
moment since I know where my files generally are.

But: if The GUI search tool nowadays is tracker, and any ordinary person
basically only searches for files inside the home directory (and if not,
they should go to Indexing Preferences to set additional directories for
tracker), and no-one uses slocate except for those who actually know it
beforehand, why include it by default and cause daily hard disk churn
for every Ubuntu user? Anyone who knows the slocate tool, and command
line in general, can apt-get install slocate at will.

And the slowdown is not just "daily", ie. sometime at night, since
people don't generally have their computers on 24h/day. Basically it
happens every time the computer is started on a new day. cron.daily is
run, which includes running slocate on the whole hard disk even though
99%+ of the users probably never utilize the database generated by it.

So still, I argue that slocate should be _at least_ moved to
cron.weekly, with the additional steps I'd hope for too:

1. move to cron.monthly instead of cron.weekly
2. switch from slocate to mlocate
3. remove mlocate/slocate dependency from Ubuntu default desktop
installation (leave it on server installations)


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