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Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at
Wed Jan 2 12:02:34 UTC 2008

On Nov 29, 2007, at 10:05 AM, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> ...
> A page worth looking at is - 
> it
> includes which has a
> neat table overview over what's going on. The color code is derived 
> from the release schedule page
> ...
> With editmoin it's very easy to add new tasks to the bottom by
> having a small script like this one:
> daniel at bert:~$ cat bin/desktopteam-add
> echo "||<rowbgcolor=\"#FFEBBB\"> $1 ||  || ||" | EDITOR="cat >>" 
> editmoin
> daniel at bert:~$
> The MOTU TODO pages use a different concept derived from the Hug Day 
> Bug Lists, if you look at
> you'll
> notice that the tool hugdaylist (in the ubuntu-dev-tools package) was
> used to set it up.
> ...

This seems to me like you've done a lot of careful work to implement a 
listing that Launchpad really should be able to do itself. :-)

What would you need in Launchpad to make this wiki listing unnecessary? 
Mass tagging <> would let you add a 
"thisweek" or similar tag to multiple bugs at once. What else would you 
need? For example, how do you currently tell which Ubuntu bugs are 
Desktop Team bugs and which aren't? And do you record that a task is 
blocked anywhere other than in those wiki listings?

Matthew Paul Thomas
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