Accepted: ubuntu-vm-builder 0.2 (source)

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at
Sat Feb 23 17:05:40 GMT 2008

Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> I can't see the point in doing additional paperwork for bugfix-only
> releases,
> which will automatically get accepted either.

Totally agreed. I also raised my disagreement, but the explanation to this
policy was that this would mean that MOTUs (btw note that this also affects
core-devs uploading to universe) will think about the upload twice, and will
read the changelog and ensure it's a bug-fix only release. I understood it at
that moment, but thinking about it again I can't agree with it, for 2 main reasons:

1) If we trust MOTUs to upload anything to the archive, why don't we trust them
to just upload bug fixes before FeatureFreeze? I also see this similar to the
self-freeze for the Hardy alphas. The Release Managers don't require core-devs
filling a bug with the changelog. They just trust them, and everything should be
working fine so far, as otherwise they wouldn't have done it for 5 alphas.

2) After uploading these two [1] [2] changelogs (specially the first one) from
[3] I feel somewhat stupid :)

> After seeing multiple complaints about this new system, i'd suggest
> bringing it up at the MOTU
> meeting, but as I am in the MOTU release minority on this issue, my
> hands are somewhat tied.

I'll try to make the meeting and raise this there too. But I'd like to propose this:

1) We don't require any paperwork at all. If it's bug-fix only, just upload (or
request a sync).
2) If there are problems with this (as in people uploading non-bugfix-only
releases) we reconsider it.




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