Strange Firefox problem

Alexander Sack asac at
Fri Feb 29 10:41:03 UTC 2008

On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 11:39:49AM -0500, Christian Csar wrote:
> So far the only problem with Firefox 3 in hardy, is that it seems to 
> have substantial problems visiting Google, but not other websites I have 
> noticed. This also only happens if I go by URL rather than IP address 
> from ping. What is also strange is that it is intermittent within 
> firefox. Google quite simply is not loading after more than 5 minutes, 
> but going to the gets there nearly instantaneously.
> Konqueror gets to google nearly instantaneously.
> I imagine that if this problem affected others that they would have 
> filed some sort of bug report by now, so it may be specific to me.
> My only guess is that Firefox has a google ip hard coded somewhere, 
> which does not make too much sense.
> about:config searching for google does not turn up anything that seems 
> too strange.
> Christian

If this is still an issue for you and you tested that its not related
to an extension or a plugin, please file a bug to investigate this.

 - Alexander

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