Strange Firefox problem

Christian Csar cacsar at
Sat Feb 23 16:39:49 UTC 2008

So far the only problem with Firefox 3 in hardy, is that it seems to 
have substantial problems visiting Google, but not other websites I have 
noticed. This also only happens if I go by URL rather than IP address 
from ping. What is also strange is that it is intermittent within 
firefox. Google quite simply is not loading after more than 5 minutes, 
but going to the gets there nearly instantaneously.
Konqueror gets to google nearly instantaneously.

I imagine that if this problem affected others that they would have 
filed some sort of bug report by now, so it may be specific to me.

My only guess is that Firefox has a google ip hard coded somewhere, 
which does not make too much sense.
about:config searching for google does not turn up anything that seems 
too strange.

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