RE: Too many icons in the Ubuntu menus?‏ (repost)

Michael T raselmsh at
Wed Feb 13 06:14:01 UTC 2008

> If you see a chair for the first time in your life, will you know what the word "chair" means?
> BTW, did you ever try to explain some icon-only thing solely with
> words (like, over the phone)?
> That's why we have both.  It's not like we leave words out completely (like the OLPC Sugar interface does...that thing is confusing).

Another example of what I meant - look in the Konqueror "Settings" menu.  There is an icon for "Hide menubar" - the word "File" cut off to look like "Fili".  Is that really a memorable symbol for the concept that users will be able to identify faster than the text?  And there are icons for "Configure Shortcuts...", "Configure Toolbars..." and "Configure Konqueror...", all variants of a spanner icon which I have trouble telling apart without looking closely.  Compare the Firefox menus, which have virtually no icons at all.  I personally do not find this disturbing (do others?)


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