Use SVG icons instead of PNG

Ioannis Nousias s0238762 at
Sun Feb 10 14:42:42 UTC 2008

Milan wrote:
> Every trivial bug that affects so many packages is a pain to solve. You
> can still create an unique report on Launchpad, and mark it as affecting
> several packages: this is faster to do and allows to see the progress of
> the work. But many times, you have to report a bug upstream for each
> project too so that developers know about it, so it can be a really
> boring work.
> At least, reporting bugs for a few of the most common applications would
> help much, many other apps are only configuration tools or so, and don't
> really need an eye-candy launcher (at least this can wait)

ok, I followed your advice and filed a report for gnome-terminal (which 
also exhibits the same issue).

for your records:

The 'Also affects' option seems to work only for packages/projects that 
are already in the bugs data-base. I'll probably file the same one for 
few more common applications as well and link them together via 'Also 
affects'. If you have any more suggestions how to link them all together 
or increase the 'visibility' please let me know.


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