Miro (Re: New Programs for Hardy?)

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 08:27:59 UTC 2008

Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> > 'If Miro can't be added to the default Hardy install (e.g. added to ubuntu-desktop), would it be possible for Hardy+1?'
> Forgive me for asking this - but is the market for watching internet TV really that big?

Conrad Knauer replied:
> What would define a "large market"?
> Should Ubuntu only include software reactively rather than watching
> for emerging trends?

    Ubuntu tends to include as much software as possible, with as much
of that as can fit included in the default CD.  What gets included in
the default CD is more a matter of providing working base
functionality for as many users as possible, rather than those
features that may be interesting (although this often includes
interesting things).

> If Ubuntu switched to a DVD-based release, would you include it?

    Ubuntu does have a DVD release, on which miro is included.  This
release is not recommended for most users, as it is only in a very
rare case that all of the software included on the DVD is interesting
for the user.  In the vast majority of cases, it is easier and less
expensive for the user to install from the CD and then install any
specific additional software desired from the network.

    Regarding the presence of miro on the default CD, there are a few
steps to the process of possible, inclusion.  Anyone is welcome to
pursue these steps, but due to the limited size of a CD, not all
programs submitted will necessarily be included.

1) File a MainInclusionReport for the candidate
2) Once the candidate is in main, investigate test-building CDs
containing the candidate: this often might require removal of
3) Once a CD build using the new candidate works, investigate what
needed to be removed to determine the tradeoff
4) Present the results of this research to the developers as a
candidate change to the CD build.

    The above tends to be a fair amount of work, and can be quite
frustrating due to the limit of what can be on the CD, the competition
with other software seeking to be included on the CD, and the time and
number of approvals required.


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