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Fri Feb 8 00:46:13 UTC 2008

I noticed I didn't actually send this to the list... here it is.


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From: Remco <remco47 at gmail.com>
Date: Feb 6, 2008 3:33 AM
Subject: Re: Transmission as default bittorrent client
To: Bryan Quigley <gquigs at gmail.com>

On Feb 6, 2008 2:44 AM, Bryan Quigley <gquigs at gmail.com> wrote:
> My initial reaction was similar.  However, in transmissions favor
> Memory usage (quick test)
> Deluge at 23 Mb
> Transmission at 7 Mb
> The interface also seems more transitional from the previous integrated
> client.  I think one of the big factors is that deluge has a wizard to get
> you setup while transmission just works.

It's true that Deluge has a wizard (which you can skip if you really
want). However, two of these settings are very important: Maximum
Upload Speed and Maximum Connections. If you don't set a maximum
upload speed, your download speed will plummet, and you'll have
trouble reaching websites. And many cheap routers crash when they have
to deal with the amount of connections bittorrent-traffic usually
consists of. Not setting these right will make an app Just Not Work

If there is consensus on which misfeatures really kill the chance of
Deluge becoming the default app, I could direct the Deluge-devs to
these concerns. Due to Deluge's modular architecture, anything can be
moved from default to plugin.

So far, I've seen:
* High memory usage.
* High file size.
* Obscure features that should be a plugin.
* Wizard-based configuration over sane-default.

I've run Transmission, and one thing I like is that it chooses a
random port, and opens it with NAT traversal. No configuration
required. The rest of the application is too limited for my taste.
With Deluge I can easily extend the features by selecting a few
plugins. I think file size could be reduced by actually not including
the plugins by default.

I think, if the Deluge-devs would want to resolve these concerns,
Deluge would be a far better choice.
* It's more popular.
* It has features people need that Transmission misses.
* It's easily extendable.
* It looks like ĀµTorrent & Azureus.
* It runs on Mac & Windows (helps acceptance by slow migration).


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