"Make sense" keymap to launch gnome-system-monitor?

Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Wed Feb 6 19:38:29 UTC 2008

Cory K. wrote:
> Ubuntu Studio has decided to add a keymap to launch gnome-system-monitor.
> Most windows users see this as a equivalent to Ctrl+Alt+Del. That is of
> course already mapped and launches the logout dialog. So we decided to
> use the keys KDE uses to launch their monitor. Ctrl+Esc. This works out
> great in metacity but not so well in Compiz as both Ctrl and Esc are
> "special" keys and cannot be used this way.
> >From #compiz-fusion-dev: "maniac103: Escape == Cancel and Return ==
> Commit (regardless of the modifiers) and cannot be used together"
> So I'm asking what would possibly be a "make sense" keymap to use across
> both Metacity and Compiz to use for gnome-system-monitor?
> -Cory \m/

Nothing? I also should say I need tested combinations that work not
guessed examples. :)

-Cory \m/

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