You lost a new Ubuntu user

Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Dec 28 13:22:43 UTC 2008

Chris Cheney wrote:
> Windows is a DVD now
> MacOS is a DVD as well
> Perhaps its time to move the default Ubuntu release to a DVD also. ;-)
> If I remember correctly the main reason it hasn't been so far is due to
> distribution issues as a DVD is 4.5GiB vs 700MiB for a CD. Thus it would
> take a very long time to download for a large percentage of the world.
> Although perhaps this is not as big an issue since many places have a
> bandwidth cap as well so people wouldn't be downloading the image in the
> first place?

(developer hat on)

Ubuntu Studio has shipped a DVD only from the start and probably the #1
question we get is: "When will you guys have a CD release?".

One of the reasons we sometimes get or this request is that people in
more developing parts of the world don't have DVD drives. As we're
aiming at different hardware requirements and the tools people expect
just don't fit on a CD, we won't be doing a CD.

But general desktop users are different. Much more broad a user segment.
There are other issues (as this thread demonstrates) to consider.

(user hat on)

As a user, I appreciate the CD-sized disk. CD's are cheap when compared
to DVDs. As far as the updates are concerned, I've always agreed with
others that Ubuntu is a "broadband OS". I thought things like OO.o
updates have actually been smaller last couple of releases and that was
usually the only bear for me.

-Cory K.

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