Chris Cheney ccheney at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 31 06:35:43 UTC 2008

I maintain OOo for Ubuntu.

The OpenOffice.org in Ubuntu is the go-oo.org version.

go-oo takes the original sun tarballs then patches it heavily with
somewhere around 500 patches. Pretty much all Linux distributions use
the go-oo.org build system and patches, except for Fedora, which just
takes a few of the patches and does the build differently. Of course we
have a few Ubuntu specific patches as well which are actually located in
the go-oo (ooo-build) repository at svn.gnome.org. We add things like
the Human icon theme and launchpad integration. And we also use a
different splash screen for the Ubuntu version which has the Sun logo on
it by Sun's request.


On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 16:48 -0500, John Moser wrote:
> I was considering filing a bug for package request or creating a spec
> for Go-Ooo.org for inclusion in Ubuntu, or possibly as a replacement
> for OpenOffice.org vanilla.  Start-up time is faster and feature set
> is expanded.
> There seems to be some contention between the world in general and Sun
> over OOo; people have forked or threatened to fork the project several
> times, and Go-OOo seems to be the most active as far as I can tell.
> I'm not sure where this will lead in the future-- possibly to a
> stagnating OOo from Sun and then to a completely different office
> suite, or possibly to a new fork, or possibly to Go-OOo, or possibly
> to some improvement in community view and/or management of Sun's OOo--
> but I think the current political atmosphere and the availability of a
> more featureful fork warrants some investigation.
> Has anyone else tried this thing?  I'm curious to know any opinions
> (political and technical, but please if you must pick one than go more
> technical than political) on the software, as well as any "better" or
> "more active" forks out there, or other viable alternatives entirely.

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