You lost a new Ubuntu user

Chris Cheney ccheney at
Mon Dec 29 04:24:28 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-12-28 at 12:03 +0100, Markus Hitter wrote:
> Am 28.12.2008 um 07:49 schrieb Chris Cheney:
> > Thus it would take a very long time to download for a large  
> > percentage of the world. Although perhaps this is not as big an  
> > issue since many places have a bandwidth cap as well so people  
> > wouldn't be downloading the image in the first place?
> You propose to intentionally get rid of a significant number of  
> users? Hmm.
> For me, the limited size of the CD is one of the great features of  
> Ubuntu as it not only allows a reasonable quick download, but  
> obviously stops Ubuntu from bloating as well.
> MarKus

Well this discussion did start out due to the fact that the install CD
currently needs an internet connection to install language packs since
they don't fit on the cd. Which brought up the issue of installing them
over an internet connection which in many countries is prohibitively
expensive. So going to a default DVD release could possibly alleviate
this issue, assuming that the users in those countries could get access
to the DVDs via shipit or some other means. Of course they couldn't
download the DVD image for the same reason they can't download updates
and language packs today, that is their internet connection is too
limited and expensive.

With respect of the cost of pressed CDs vs DVDs for shipit, I don't know
how much they cost. However, some newspapers in the UK give away DVDs
with their newspapers, of course they may be advertising subsidized to
offset the cost.


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