You lost a new Ubuntu user

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Sat Dec 27 17:31:30 UTC 2008

nergar ha scritto:
> This is getting out of proportion. Ubuntu should NOT ask if it is ok to 
> get updates. We are trying to run a "Linux for human beings" distro and 
> if we start taking steps in this direction, we might as well ask for 
> permission to connect when opening firefox. The last thing we need are 
> more dialogs to confuse/annoy users.
> Another thing to take into account is, Linux is about CHOICES. If anyone 
> feels like a control freak they should be using Arch or Gentoo or any 
> other distro that will fit them better.
> We have more important things to worry about, like stability. Ubuntu has 
> become very unstable lately.

Ubuntu works very well even if it cannot connect to the internet so 
"human beings" will not be harmed by being offered such a choice. OTOH, 
I think that ubuntu should be a model of usability and security w.r.t. 
the other distributions.

Currently it already is, because no service is installed by default, for 
example, or because user are required a password by default, and 
passwords are saved in gnome-keyring by default. In a very elegant way.

Why not being also a model of respect of the users privacy, and manifest 
clearly to them that the new installation is going to connect to the 
internet? Is just a checkbox but it says to new users "you are 
approaching free software, and as a result, you get transparency".


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