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Ian Lynch ian.lynch at
Fri Dec 26 08:30:52 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-12-26 at 12:50 +0530, Manish Sinha wrote:

> Now you missed out the second point of this discussion. People should 
> know that their internet connection is going to be used. Why?
> is costly in many parts of the world esp developing countries. A few 
> MB's also means a lot. On my internet connection I am charged approx 
> 2USD for every 100MB I download beyond the monthly cap.

So there needs to be a way of switching off updates that is a little
more elegant than physically disconnecting from the internet. Why not
the first time an update happens a pop up with an explanation of why and
an option never to show this again? On the menu list from the network
icon have a switch on/off auto update button. 

Give users control but inform and educate them. Human beings are far
more effective if educated, the real skill is to be able to do that
without appearing patronising or obtrusive. 

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