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Manish Sinha at
Fri Dec 26 08:07:26 UTC 2008

Milosz Derezynski wrote:
> No one said something about disabling it by default, it's merely about 
> bringing it
> to the user's attention that it will happen, and, since it's useful in 
> some cases (because
> of internet traffic limitations), and prudent in others (because 
> people are wary of installers
> doing any kind of connection attempt), also give the option to disable it.
I agree completely.
> I think it became more than clear in the course
> of this thread that the majority of people are *FOR* such a change.
It should be conveyed to the ubiquity developers gracefully. They have 
really done a great job and Ubuntu's installer is the best of all distros.
I have no qualms if they take their time to implement it, no matter if 
it doesn't come up in Jaunty. But it should be surely given a 
consideration after Jaunty.

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