You lost a new Ubuntu user

Manish Sinha at
Fri Dec 26 07:59:14 UTC 2008

nergar wrote:
> YES, we should disable OS updates by default for "n00bs" just because 
> a paranoid user made a comment. Very intelligent.
Disable updates? Who said so?
I agree that Peter Henderson went too far and dumped Ubuntu, but I agree 
that downloading updates needs a consent and the checkbox should be 
clearly visible.
I never said to disable updates. Doesn't *Update Manager* ask you to 
download updates or does it all by itself? A prompt box may block the 
installation process, so a checkbox before installation starts is a good 

No-one is asking to disable updates, no one is asking to switch over to 
Arch, Ubuntu is for *Human Beings* , so it should respect them and ask 
before making this big step to connect to the internet.

The question of disabling updates was never in scene, I checked out the 
entire thread, no one made this request or you mistook anyone request.

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