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Manish Sinha at
Fri Dec 26 07:31:58 UTC 2008

nergar wrote:
> If such a thing is implemented, it should be checked by default and 
> hidden in the Advanced settings dialog. Unexperienced users should get 
> security updates by default.
Sounds like "Windows Update" which is enabled by default, it even 
quietly connects to the internet in the background, downloads security 
and other updates without my consent. Eats up my precious bandwidth when 
I can get those updates via CD from another computer.

If its in the Advanced settings, then the whole aim of providing this 
checkbox is defeated. In such a case only advanced users can know about 
it. If this checkbox is for advanced users, then no need of putting this 
checkbox as advanced users can simply pull off their internet cables 
during installation.

This feature was aimed for n00bs who don't know much about ubuntu/linux 
and bandwidth is also precious for them. Does hiding the checkbox in 
"Advanced Settings" serve any purpose?

BTW some people said earlier in this topic itself, that installer 
download language packs for internationalization support. It does not 
fit into security updates, then why not put this checkbox is a clearly 
visible place but keep it checked by default.

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