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Manish Sinha at
Fri Dec 26 07:20:14 UTC 2008

nergar wrote:
> This is getting out of proportion. Ubuntu should NOT ask if it is ok to 
> get updates. We are trying to run a "Linux for human beings" distro and 
> if we start taking steps in this direction, we might as well ask for 
> permission to connect when opening firefox. The last thing we need are 
> more dialogs to confuse/annoy users.
> Another thing to take into account is, Linux is about CHOICES. If anyone 
> feels like a control freak they should be using Arch or Gentoo or any 
> other distro that will fit them better.
> We have more important things to worry about, like stability. Ubuntu has 
> become very unstable lately.
Now you missed out the second point of this discussion. People should 
know that their internet connection is going to be used. Why? bandwidth 
is costly in many parts of the world esp developing countries. A few 
MB's also means a lot. On my internet connection I am charged approx 
2USD for every 100MB I download beyond the monthly cap.

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