You lost a new Ubuntu user

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Thu Dec 25 20:56:20 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen ha scritto:
> 2008/12/25 Dylan McCall <dylanmccall at>:
>> Keep in mind that prompting before going online would, with the
>> simplest solution, block the installation process and require user
>> intevention which is absolutely against how Ubiquity should behave.
>> Instead, there would need to be a checkbox in the final setup page to
>> "check online for security updates while installing". Getting the UI
>> right requires some extra effort; the fix has the potential to destroy
>> Ubiquity's charm :)
>> It isn't quite as simple a solution as it is a problem, although
>> definitely in need of fixing.
>> Bye,
>> -Dylan McCall
> 1) The prompt could be at the beggining of the install process as the
> installer already knows that it will need the language file.
> 2) See my comment on the relevant bug, where I suggest that such
> languages that need to download files be clearly marked.

Well, the checkbox solution seems much better, and it should also be 
checked on by default, so that an unexperienced user will get upgrades 
and languages without worrying. There should be a "more info" button 
that explains the situation to the user, and also tells if the required 
language packs for the currently selected language will require network 

Perhaps there should be two checkboxes, one to download language packs, 
enabled automatically if the language requires download, and one to 
allow the system to automatically apt-get update when installed?


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