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Manish Sinha at
Thu Dec 25 18:18:04 UTC 2008

Dylan McCall wrote:
> Keep in mind that prompting before going online would, with the
> simplest solution, block the installation process and require user
> intevention which is absolutely against how Ubiquity should behave.
> Instead, there would need to be a checkbox in the final setup page to
> "check online for security updates while installing". Getting the UI
> right requires some extra effort; the fix has the potential to destroy
> Ubiquity's charm :)
> It isn't quite as simple a solution as it is a problem, although
> definitely in need of fixing.
This is a better solution. Instead of asking as a prompt box, a checkbox 
would be a better option.

I understand that it's not so easy. I have always appreciated the work 
of ubiquity developer's work as I find Ubuntu's installer the simplest 
of all distros and Operating Systems.
This small checkbox can solve a lot of woes and lots of grievances too, 
besides saving costly bandwidth in developing countries.

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