Alpha Test 2008-12-16

Martin Owens doctormo at
Tue Dec 16 22:32:49 UTC 2008

Alpha Test conducted by Martin Owens, on Tue 26 Dec 2008 09:17:20 -0500

Notes: Lots of things couldn't be tested, we need some more information
in the test suite about how to execute some things. Other things are
blocked because it's impossible to reset the account we use for testing.
I'll be working on it more to fix these issues for tomorrow.

Website Testing

Consistency Tests
      * Web Forms are valid -
      * Fields accept non-latin characters. -
      * Website has media ✔
      * Website has style sheets ✔
      * Website Looks Good ✔

Signing up
      * Signing up with OpenID ✔
      * Profile Image is imported ✘ Default Image only
      * Account information is correctly imported from lp ✘ Unable to
        test, account existed already.
      * Edit Account Details Works ✔
      * Edit Address Works ✘ No edit address link, no address listed

Buying Services
      * Buying links are prevalent and noticeable ✘ Only links are to
        right hand side, very small
      * ToS and other policy documents are presented and easy to read
        and  correct. ✘ Joke ToS, box is quite small.
      * Payment type is accepted. ✘ Unable to test, no account resets
      * Payment system is live and accepting real money. ✘ Unable to
        test, no account resets
      * Subscription types work logically. Concurrently purchased subs
        do not overlap. ✘ Unable to test, no account resets

File Storage
      * Works for Subscribed accounts, not unsubscribed accounts. ✘
        Unable to test, no account resets
      * Persists correctly. Items do not disappear, randomly move, etc.
        ✘ Unable to test, no account resets
      * Provides useful information regarding account quotas, etc. ✘
        Unable to test, no account resets
      * File Status, Size, Type (Preview will not be tested) ✘ Unable to
        test, no account resets

Client Testing
Installation Testing
      * Installation documentation is available ✘ Can't find
        installation documentation
      * Is using a non development PPA ✘ Can't find none development PPA
      * No dependency errors ✘ Depends on above
      * Fuse U1FS installs correctly ✘ Depends on above

GUI Testing
      * Mount loads correctly ✘ Unable to test
      * Use documentation is available ✘ Unable to test
      * Gnome help is available ✘ Unable to test

Functional Client Testing
      * Copying Files ✘ Unable to test
      * Moving Files ✘ Unable to test
      * Deleting Files ✘ Unable to test
      * Verify files appear in another mount (notify) ✘ Unable to test
      * Verify file appear in the website ✘ Unable to test
      * conflicts ✘ Unknown test, clarification required

      * create share ro/rw ✘ Unable to test
      * remove share ✘ Unable to test
      * browse shares ✘ Unable to test
      * edit shares ✘ Unable to test
      * share sees updates ✘ Unable to test

      * All files removed ✘ Unable to test
      * Fuse mount is removed ✘ Unable to test

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