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2008/12/16 Remco <remco47 at>

> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 2:09 PM, Odysseus Flappington
> <deriziotis at> wrote:
> > Not sure if this is relevant to wine going into main, but I have to
> admit, I
> > find it very frustrating in Intrepid that whenever i stick in a cd with
> an
> > autorun or windows executable, it comes up with an autorun dialog which i
> > have to cancel and which i would never have used since im using crossover
> > linux or cedega anyway.
> >
> > Alex
> Is it not Crossover's or Cedega's job to disable it, or reroute it to
> their app? Ubuntu can't support propriƫtary software.
> Remco

Fair enough (even though the autorun dialog doesnt actually work).

But to be brutally honest, the real reason I'm whinge-ing, is because I
don't actually like the idea of letting you run windows installers
seamlessly in Ubuntu.

Adding/removing software from Linux is designed around packages and the
package manager. This in my opinion, is an area that Linux has profoundly
innovated in. This is also a far superior system to how windows works, and
is symptomatic of the underlying development process that the community

Why make Linux work like windows? I don't believe it's the best way of doing
things. Newcoming windows users will just be disillusioned by the fact that
wine doesnt support all of their apps. And it'll distract from the mental
shift that's required in order to become a real linux-user.

Perhaps a p2p-based repo with winelib ports of all popular windows apps is a
bit of a pipe-dream though..

..then again, perhaps not?

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