synaptics driver for xorg: new feature

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Tue Apr 29 17:02:45 UTC 2008

Am Dienstag, den 29.04.2008, 09:36 -0700 schrieb Ted Gould:
> On Mon, 2008-04-28 at 23:28 +0300, Aapo Rantalainen wrote:
> > Hi, I made new feature in synaptics driver for xorg
> > (xserver-xorg-input-synaptics) and I want share it to all.
> That looks like a good idea.  Is it possible to integrate it so that it
> will automatically follow the xrandr direction?  It seems that it would
> be better if people only had to issue one command to rotate both the
> display and the trackpad.
unlikely since it requires SHMConfig enabled by default in xorg which we
wont do by default since it rips open quite a security hole (everyone,
even remotely logged in people can change the trackpad settings for the
locally logged in user). 

i guess a better bet is to do it via hal input methods which are
supposed to replace the input configuration in X at some point (and
hopefully be introduced in time for intrepid).

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