Got a Prob with 8.04!

Mutua Daniel mutua.daniel at
Wed Apr 23 10:16:56 UTC 2008

hi, I downloaded the Ubuntu 8.04 Beta and installed it on one of my machines. I used the wubi to install it as an application on its own partition. after it was thru i restarted my machine but it never booted. upto today i cant run ubuntu on it. when it boots it never goes to the Gnome Desktop. Wats up?:  

Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at> wrote: 
The universe archive for hardy will be frozen solid at 0800UTC
tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd).  Uploads which fix important bugs and are
approved by motu-release will be accepted before then.

Preparation of ISO images for 8.04 is in progress (join us for testing
in #ubuntu-testing), only fixes for showstopper bugs will be accepted
for packages included on the CDs and DVDs.

Jonathan Riddell, release team

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