Wacom config hacks (was: An example of how things should *not* be done)

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at di.unipi.it
Wed Apr 23 11:27:12 UTC 2008

Il giorno mer, 23/04/2008 alle 03.41 -0700, Bryce Harrington ha scritto:
> Not sure how you missed it, but I was quite explicit in the bug you
> reference in stating why my patch was not viable: "However, as others
> point out in this and other wacom threads, this [patch] obviously
> would
> break things for wacom users who did not have their wacom attached
> when
> they [install] the system..."
> So your patch and mine would just "accidentally" work, if the user
> happened to have the tablet attached during installation.

Bryce: I see this, but to get hotpluggable tablets you need true hotplug
support for tablets in X since they can be hotplugged while X is already
running. To get all tablet PCs working, you just need to patch dexconf.
These in the end are two different products, in my opinion supporting
tablet PCs out of the box would have been better than not supporting any
kind of tablet at all, especially considering that your patch would have
not harmed anybody.

My critique in this message is on the fact that, while it is generally
hard to get fixes pushed up in ubuntu in time for releases, it was so
easy to just drop off wacom support at all. Or I may be wrong: was there
a discussion about dropping wacom support in other mailing lists? Did
developers decide a plan to support wacom in a different way in the near
future? If so, can you point me to that discussion?

This is what I seeked in the first place: information on why support was
dropped and if there were plans to support wacom in a different way. In
any case, the best choice is probably to develop a tablet-specific
ubuntu flavour. There already is tabuntu, after hardy release probably
it will try to cooperate with them.


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