An example of how things should *not* be done

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Tue Apr 22 22:20:32 UTC 2008

Please anybody, don't take this e-mail personally. I just want to point
out an example where a not-so-well-tought decision has caused troubles
to a niche of users who are too few to get listened to. I love you all
and hardy is really pretty. I report this story here just because I
think it has something to teach to every ubuntu developer.

Regarding the wacom enabled/disabled by default issues, by googling
better, I found the culprit:

The funny thing is that the title is the same as the one of my previous
thread in this mailing list, replacing "disabled" with "enabled" by

A lot of people wanted it disabled because kde applications gave errors
at startup, and the log file in their home directory became huge. This
is a very good reason, and having the configuration in xorg was really
strange given that few people have tablet PCs.

Then, Bryce Harrington posted on the bug report more or less the same
patch to dexconf that I posted here:

and then Bryce himself *disabled* wacom setup *without* using his own
patch to conditionally re-enable the setup in xorg
whenever /dev/input/wacom exists. I can't know why. My patch could have
been Bryce's patch since 2007-06-13, and wacom would have been not
broken in gutsy.

There is no apparent reason for this choice, that was just a quick
decision to close the bug. In one of the comments therein I even read
"how many people use tabletPCs with ubuntu anyway?" - enough it seems to
have some 30 subscribers for this long standing issue that was closed in

In any case, have a good night and a good release, and thanks for the
overall very good work from release to release. It seems that I can give
an ubuntu cd to everybody and make them happy (I am known as the ubuntu
guy in my department and everybody talks to me about how beatiful they
find their new ubuntu and thank me for helping them in set up), but I am
doomed to see my own laptop more and more broken in new releases it
seems :)


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