Patch for hardy and only for hardy (even if I bet it's too late! :) )

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Tue Apr 22 21:51:03 UTC 2008

I finally got a couple of answers explaining the situation. Then I tried
to provide a patch to dexconf to include wacom support
if /dev/input/wacom is present. It should be harmless to anybody, but
can only work if xserver-xorg-input-wacom is configured before
xserver-xorg (I am unsure if this is the case but I think so because the
former is a dependency of the latter). Hardy is due in less than 24
hours. Since intrepid will feature autodetection (at least if the new
release of the drivers will be included), the patch to dexconf is for
hardy and just for hardy, so I post again on this list because of
urgency, however I perfectly understand that a change in dexconf is
extremely unlikely to be uploaded in one day. Take a look and decide
yourself what to do, I have no decision powers so I think I can say I
did my part of the job (the easy one of course).

In any case I can't but blame the decision to remove relevant
configuration sections without taking care to re-enable the
configuration e.g. in dexconf. I personally put a lot of effort since
dapper and edgy to report any issue related to autoconfiguration of
wacom tablet PCs, and get xournal bug fixes in ubuntu, talking to
upstream developer (who is a very kind person) to fix things etc. Many
people also helped a lot, and consider that finding a helping hand on
tablet PCs is extremely hard (at the moment I only see one person
actively contributing fixes on launchpad). When I finally saw
out-of-the-box tablet support (by installing wacom-tools by default) in
feisty I was really happy, and I just can't believe that nobody cared to
find an alternative solution when removing wacom configuration from X
server - I was too busy to follow gutsy release cycle but you can't just
break the thing on purpose and not care of the consequences, expecially
if there is people helped with testing and fixing and providing feedback
and all the rest, with the obvious loss of time.

When I hear people saying that "linux does not support tablet pcs" my
heart bleeds. We have xournal and cellwriter in the default
distribution. The real problem is that too many bugs have ruined what
was slowly becoming a viable alternative to the preinstalled XP tablet.
Intrepid will have fixes for all the bugs but hardy will convince
anybody that switching to ubuntu is not feasible on tablet PCs. And this
is what hurts more. And, you know, hardy is the LTS release, and we have
bug #1 to solve and all the rest.


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