Debimg for Ubuntu Intrepid Alternate Disks?

Julian Andres Klode juliank at
Tue Apr 22 17:44:14 UTC 2008

Dear Ubuntu Developers,

´╗┐The GPL-3 licensed [ debimg] project aims
to create a replacement for debian-cd written in Python, able to create
basic netinst disks in less than 5 seconds.

´╗┐debimg uses a dependency resolver written in Python, which is able to
resolve the dependencies of all packages in Debian in about 0.5 seconds.

At the current state, it is already possible to build basic netinst
disks in less than 5 seconds. It currently supports creation of disks
for i386 and amd64 architectures, support for documentation (including
README.*) is missing. It supports Jigdo.

This matches almost the requirements of Ubuntu, I could add the missing

I think it would be worth to use debimg to build the alternate disks for
all official architectures. (as others are not supported yet by debimg).

What do you think?
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