Gnome login screen art is too bright.

Marc Baas mrcbs03 at
Thu Apr 17 16:38:41 UTC 2008

Ok, just before the final release I would like to point the attention to
a small but in my opinion important detail.

During beta the login screen art was changed to make it brighter. I
filed a bug about this in launchpad since on a LCD/TFT screen this looks
really bad. The bug is here:

Unfortunately on the eve of release, no one bothered to have a look at
this and I fear that this will leave a bad impression of the
distribution as far as art design goes.
Maybe not a critical bug, but it is the representation of how Ubuntu
wants to advertise itself. The change would be minor (just switching
back to the original art of earlier in beta) and the effects would be
positive for the overall impression Ubuntu would give on new and old
users alike.

Could you guys please fix this annoying bug, it really looks very
unprofessional the way it is now. The original art earlier in beta (or
maybe it was alpha, I don't recall) looked so much better than what is
in the distro right now.

Thanks for your attention in these last hectic moments before the
release of the final.


ps. Aside from this I do would like to compliment all on the great
product that has been made. Albeit some small bugs that are still to be
found here and there, overall Ubuntu gives a very solid and stable
impression on me. Congratulations on this.

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