unused dependencies of shared libraries

Serhat ubunturk at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 06:17:50 UTC 2008

i noticed some mistake with my script as well as some varieties with
ldd's output.
there are many libraries with 30+ unused dependencies on my xubuntu
7.10 amd64 desktop installation (on a dell core2 laptop).
here is a very much improved version of the script. its output on my machine is:

$ ./s1.sh > o.txt
888 of 1183 shared libraries found are sub-optimal
Avg # of unused dependencies for those: 6.351
(36 weird, 6 statically linked or not dynamic)

i think the script even underestimates the real number of unused
dependencies (we are able to catch an unused dependency that is on a
standard location like [/usr]/lib but others we dont count cuz we dont
know what the path must be, if at all should be something)..


ps: afaik, for most foss programs, when compiling a package from
source, just adding LDFLAGS='-Wl,-O1,--as-needed' to the ./configure
command eliminates unused dependencies.
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