Do mirrors for daily snapshots exist?

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Sun Apr 13 10:33:46 UTC 2008

Olá Scott

On Thursday 10 April 2008 10:04:10 Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
> I'm using rsync with (it's the only one I know of 
> other than and every time I use it I get this message:

Got that too, for the first time this week.

> Fine and dandy but only lists mirrors for *releases*, not for daily snapshots.

I, too, have asked in the past on #ubuntu-mirrors for other server (due to hi load on c.u.c and was told that there were none.

> BTW, it looks like and are the point to the same site.
> How odd...

Again, that happen to me too, when I discovered speed problems on pt.c.u.c. After that I've found that c.u.c has a wildcard dns, ie. * all points to c.u.c.

> -- 
>             Scott

here is my script for using rsync on c.u.c.

echo "download"
nice -n 15 rsync -zhP --stats rsync:// ~
# nice -n 15 rsync -zhP --stats rsync:// ~
wget -O - | grep desktop-i386
# wget -O - | grep desktop-i386
echo "ionice md5sum"
sudo ionice -c3 md5sum ~/hardy-desktop-i386.iso
echo "copy squashfs"
mount -o loop ~/hardy-desktop-i386.iso /mnt/iso
mount -t squashfs -o loop /mnt/iso/casper/filesystem.squashfs ~/temp/hardy/squashfs
nice -n 20 rsync -a ~/temp/hardy/squashfs/ ~/temp/hardy/edit/
echo "chroot"
chroot ~/temp/hardy/edit
mount -t proc none /proc
mount -t sysfs none /sys
export HOME=/root
export LC_ALL=C
cd /dev/
nice -n 20 MAKEDEV generic
nice -n 20 /etc/init.d/dbus restart
nice -n 10 startx

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