Please keep the old IDE chipset drivers so that external CD writers can work

Wenzhuo Zhang wenzhuo at
Sat Apr 12 00:21:19 UTC 2008

Rick Knight wrote:
> I've found a fix (or work-around) for this issue. I found this kernel
> parameter "all_generic_ide" mentioned as a possible fix for a problem
> with Seagate drives. I tried using it with my default, un-modified Gutsy
> kernel but it didn't solve the problem. I tried it with the custom Gutsy
> kernel I built with the pata_via module enabled and that worked. I don't
> know why, but the combination of the pata_via module and
> "all_generic_ide" allows my system to boot and run the Gutsy kernel. Now
> I'll be ready to upgrade to Hardy after it's had a week or to to stabilize.
> On another note, Brian Murray (ubuntu developer?) has marked my bug
> (212042) as won't fix because it "doesn't meet the criteria for a stable
> release update". What does this mean?

It means they are focusing on Hardy and its successors, and Brian Murry
doesn't consider it a major bug for Gutsy.

> Thanks,
> Rick Knight
> P.S. Where is your petition to keep the old IDE drivesr?

The first message of this thread. ;) Personally I've already come across
a handful of machines (particularly server machines) on which Ubuntu CD
cannot boot, while Red hat or CentOS CDs can. I refrain from recommending
people using Ubuntu as a server platform just because of this.

I think Ubuntu should find a balance between bleeding edge software and
hardware compatibility. It seems to me that Ubuntu kernel team doesn't
care as much as they should on hardware compatibility. They are very eager
to support new stuff (such as libata) and to drop old stuff, adding support
for new hardware while neglecting old hardware.


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