Reporting bugs for unofficially support ports (powerpc in particular)?

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Sun Sep 30 08:44:34 UTC 2007

Michael R. Head wrote:
> I've been trying to report a bug about an app on the powerpc
> architecture
> ( ).
> It's been marked invalid because it occurs on powerpc, even after
> assigning it to the PowerPC team. I'd still like to try and get the bug
> fixed, since it renders the package useless on ppc (gpar2 always crashes
> when it runs).
The bug should not have been closed just because it is for PPC. I've 
re-opened it.

> What's the right way to file a bug against a package in an unofficially
> supported architecture?

Filling and assigning to the PPC team, as you have done, is right.


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