Strange problems using laptop + ATI graphics adapter in Gutsy

Thomas Novin thnov at
Fri Sep 28 20:29:14 UTC 2007

Hello all

I felt that Gutsy was working good on my workstation at home now so I
decided to switch from Feisty also on my laptop (hp hc8430 + ati x1600).
Big mistake :)

I had very bad performance and saw very high CPU usage from the
Xgl-process. This I reported as bug 146285[1].

I then discovered that I got the problem after disabling desktop
effects. I tried to enable them and sure enough, the CPU usage got back
to normal and the system felt fast again! Got some other graphic
problems though which I eventually solved using my Feisty xorg.conf
instead of the one Gutsy had generated.

I think this will be something most users of the mobile ATI graphics
card will see so it could be a big issue.

Could other users with similar setup and non-tweaked xorg.conf's please
respond to this to confirm if you experience the same problems or not?



Thomas Novin

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