A responsible use of the "incomplete" status.

Greg K Nicholson newsgroups at gkn.me.uk
Thu Sep 27 21:37:51 UTC 2007

[Minimally-knowledgeable user interjecting here:]

Would it help if “possibly complete” bugs were (somehow) easily 
distinguishable from other Incomplete bugs? By “possibly complete” I 
mean a bug that is marked as Incomplete, but that has had “some” 
activity since being marked Incomplete. “Some” activity could be defined 
as “any at all” or “at least x new comments or y dupes”, or whatever's 
most useful.

If these bugs were distinct from definitely-still-Incomplete bugs, the 
latter could be totally ignored by triagers and developers (though 
they'd still be useful for bug reporters). It would then only be the 
“possibly complete” bugs that needed to be triaged: either confirmed, or 
sent back to Incomplete if the new activity is unhelpful.

This might also match some bugs where the original reporter returns to 
say “plz fix this kthxbye”, so there'd be some noise, but less (I 
suppose) than wading through *all* the incomplete bugs.

For comparison, Mozilla regularly (or maybe occasionally) closes all 
Unconfirmed bugs that haven't received any activity in the last 60 days. 
(At least, they did the last time I was paying attention properly. Also, 
“60” may or may not equal 60.)

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