Activate Desktop-Effects: Yes/No-Button?

Onno Benschop onno at
Thu Sep 27 09:56:46 UTC 2007

On 27/09/07 17:04, Dominik Wagenfuehr wrote:
> Alex wrote:
>  > One of my clients sent me this quote about Choice:
> So maybe dictatorship is the only real form of government...
> This tends to be a little bit to political so back to topic please. But 
> your client maybe does not want to have a choice. Many users want... 
> This is the reason their choice of operating system is Linux...
> Greetings, Dominik

My point was that if you give people lots of choice they don't know what
to choose. There was nothing political about my statement and it was
specifically about giving a user a question that they needed to make a
choice about an answer.

You have to remember that more and more people are using Ubuntu. Many
don't understand the difference between Windows and Linux, let alone the
impact of choosing to activate Compiz or not.

This proposed question about activating Compiz or not makes sense in a
testing environment, but after that phase of development the code should
be robust enough to figure out the correct answer, and if it's not
robust enough, that means it wasn't tested widely enough.

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