Activate Desktop-Effects: Yes/No-Button?

Dominik Wagenfuehr dominik.wagenfuehr at
Thu Sep 27 07:59:20 UTC 2007


most users welcome the decision to activate Compiz by default. But 
others are a little bit unhappy with it [1][2]. So I suggest that you 
will ask if Compiz should be activated after the installation. Show a 
little window that explains in a few details what Compiz is and ask the 
user if he want to activate it (if his card supports the feature).
I think you will make more users happy with this question than activate 
Compiz on PCs where the users do not want to have it. (And yes, there 
are some of these guys out there.)

Greetings, Dominik

PS: And yes, I know that you can deactivate Compiz with a few clicks, 
but why do not let the user decide?

[1] (German)
[2] (German)

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